American Locations 2 – Babcock

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Babcock State Park, West Virginia


Finished at the New River Gorge Bridge, we backtracked northeast on Hwy.19, then drove southeast on Hwy. 60, the route we had taken up into the mountains from Charleston. We turned southwest onto Rte. 41 into Babcock State Park. This is a beautiful park high up in the Appalachian Mountains.



There is an old grist mill the park has kept in operation that has been much-photographed, and is one of the most iconic images of West Virginia.

0023_Babcock SP

0024_Babcock SP

0025_Babcock SP


We hiked several short trails.

0030_Babcock SP


Along a mountain stream.

0035_Babcock SP


High up on a mountainside.

0041_Babcock SP


Across a footbridge.

0047_Babcock SP


To a mountain lake.

0050_Babcock SP


We liked the place so well we spent 3 nights.

0045_Babcock SP

 Next Location – Babcock 2 in March 2019

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