American Locations 7 – North River 2

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida. 

North River Campground, North Carolina


We took other drives while waiting out the hurricane. One was to Elizabeth City, which is on the Pasquotank River, which flows into Albemarle Sound. Notice the overcast skies. The winds were strong here this day, but not destructive.

0127_Arbermarle Sound

0128_Albermarle Sound

0129_Arbermarle Sound

0130_Arbermarle Sound

0131_Arbermarle sound


Another day I took a hike for several miles into the North River Game Land. The campground host warned me black bears inhabited the area, but it was unlikely I’d encounter one unless I ventured off the trails deep into the wild land. I had no intention of doing that.

0132_game reserve

0133_game reserve

0135_game reserve

0136_game reserve

0137_game reserve

0139_game reserve


There were some large hawks flying around the tall trees, but I never got a good shot of them.

0144_game reserve

0145_game reserve


After three days the hurricane passed. Luckily it had stayed out to sea and only grazed the Outer Banks. So when the authorities gave the all clear we packed up and continued our trip.

   Next Location – Corolla, Outer Banks

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