American Locations 18 – From Ocracoke Island to Cedar Island

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

From Ocracoke Island to Cedar Island, North Carolina


This morning we left the campground and took one last drive around Ocracoke.


We spied this trespasser but didn’t report him.


After, we drove to the ferry station. This is the inlet to Ocracoke Bay as seen from there.


This ferry boat was quite a bit larger than the last one. Whereas the previous ferry trip was less than an hour and went through the sound, this trip took over two hours and ventured out into the open sea.


Like before, we parked our motor home then got out on deck.




An empty ferry boat docked as soon as we departed.


One last look at Ocracoke lighthouse.


Then it was through the inlet.





And out to the open sea.


Since this trip was taking so long, we went back to our motor home to eat lunch. One thing that’s great about traveling in a motor home, food and drink, and a bathroom, are always available. After a relaxing cruise we approached Cedar Island.

0463_Cedar Island

We arrived at the ferry station on Cedar Island.

0467_Cedar Island


Next Location – Cedar Island





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