American Locations 19 – Cedar Island

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Cedar Island, North Carolina


The ferry boat at Cedar Island was quickly emptied.

0485_Cedar Island

Then loaded back up and immediately headed back to Ocracoke. It didn’t take long for it to get gone.

0474_Cedar Island

There is a private campground right next to the ferry station that we checked into. We camped about a hundred yards from were we disembarked from the ferry.

0470_Cedar Island

Not much else is around. The ferry station is on the edge of Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge, so there is no development.

0468_Cedar Island

0469_Cedar Island

But we did see some cows wading in the surf.

0471_Cedar Island

I never knew cows did that. The campground host told me when the wildlife preserve was established a farmer who had been bought out by the government released his cows, and they have thrived in the wild. Weird. Besides the cows, the beaches were pretty much deserted. We were the only travelers getting off the ferry who had stopped, everyone else had driven on into the wildlife preserve.

0475_Cedar Island

0476_Cedar Island

The ferry boat we had ridden to Cedar Island was still in sight for quite a while as it headed back for Ocracoke.

0478_Cedar Island

Later some fishermen showed up.

0477_Cedar Island

0480_Cedar Island

The campground also operates a stable. We saw people riding into the wildlife preserve on horseback.

0488_Cedar Island

They also operate a restaurant. So we ate out for the first time since Biscuit World. The other diners must have thought me very rude. The entire time in the restaurant I ignored Connie and caught up on my email on my laptop. They had free Wi-Fi. Actually that was the reason we were eating there, the food was only so-so. And we enjoyed electricity and plentiful water at our site. National park campgrounds are beautiful and very enjoyable, and we stay in them whenever we can. But they have no hook-ups. That means if we want electricity we have to run the generator, and we have to skimp on water since we only have a 30-gallon tank. And no Wi-Fi! So it’s good to pull into a private campground once in a while. But you wouldn’t believe all the evil glares I got from the other diners for ignoring my wife throughout the entire meal.


Next Location – Cedar Island National Wildlife Preserve & the Crystal Coast









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