American Locations 20 – Cedar Island & the Crystal Coast

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Cedar Island National Wildlife Preserve & the Crystal Coast, North Carolina


This morning we left the campground and drove south on Rte. 12 into the Cedar Island National Wildlife Refuge. It was a scenic drive and we stopped numerous times.

0498_Cedr Island

0499_Cedar Island

0504_Cedar Island

0506_Cedar Island


0509_Cedar Island

0511_Cedar Island

0512_Cedar Island

0513_Cedar Island

0514_Cedar Island

We emerged from the nature preserve and continued south along the coast on Hwy. 70. This part of North Carolina is called the Crystal Coast.

0515_Cedar Island

0517_Crystal Coast

0518_Crystal Coast

0521_Crystal Coast

The state park we had intended to stay at was full. That is one of the dangers of traveling like we do. We don’t make reservations because we never know where we will be on specific days. If we like a place we’ll spend more time there than anticipated. Also, if we learn of a good place to see we want the freedom to take a detour. And we like the idea of traveling with no schedules. When we get tired we go home. So occasionally we encounter full campgrounds. But it doesn’t happen as much as you might imagine. So we continued down the coast on Hwy. 70 to Rte. 24, then drove south on that around Marine Camp Lejeune. In Jacksonville we turned onto Hwy. 17. By this time we were getting tired of traveling, so just south of Jacksonville we found a private campground on Hwy. 17 and stopped for the night.


Next Location – Airlee Gardens





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