American Locations 22 – Oak Island

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Oak Island, North Carolina


We crossed the bridge onto Oak Island.

0587_Oak Island

0588_Oak Island

Then drove south on Oak Island Blvd. to my wife’s sister’s beach cottage.

0586_Oak Island

They were hosting an adults-only week-long gathering. There were eight people including the owners: us, my wife’s three sisters, and their husbands. The cottage is a block off the beach. Notice all the little boats?

0626_Oak Island

A kayak fishing tourney took place while we were there.

0624_Oak Island

0625_Oak Island

The far southern tip of the island is undeveloped. It looked like a good place to fish.

0594_Oak Island

0690_Oak Island

There were a lot of birds there.

0688_Oak Island

0693_Oak Island

I caught some of them in flight.

0708_Oak Island

There was a pelican begging for bait. Or looking to steal some.

0596_Oak Island

0597_Oak Island

At the very tip the waves surge in from the ocean on the left, while the sound remains calm on the right.

0601_Oak Island

0602_Oak Island

We made two trips to the point. It was my favorite place on the island. But we had several other outings that week.


Next Location – Oak Island 2




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