American Locations 23 – Oak Island 2

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Oak Island, North Carolina


A small park on the sound within walking distance of the beach cottage was good for crabbing. There was a picnic area, a pier, and a butterfly garden.

0618_Oak Island

0619_Oak Island

0620_Oal Island


0622_Oak Island

0623_Oak Island

There were also bicycle to ride. The island was flat, which made cycling easy. We rode to the opposite end of the island from the point. I stopped several times along the way. Like at these fishing piers.

0607_Oak Island

0651_Oak Island

One of the two bridges onto the island.

0608_Oak Island

A private pier along the sound.

0609_Oak Island

The lighthouse.

0612_Oak Island

A wild animal habitat.

0613_Oak Island

Also, there is an alligator residing on the island somewhere in this long ditch. There have been frequent sightings, just not by me.

0650_Oak Island

I was introduced to pickle ball that week. I’d never played it before. It was fun, but I’m glad no one took any pictures of me playing. One afternoon we rented a pontoon boat and cruised the sound.

0659_Oak Island

0658_Oak Island

0666_Oak Island

0668_Oak Island

0673_Oak Island

0674_Oak Island

0678_Oak Island

We got back in just as the sun was going down.

0685_Oak Island

We drove off the island was to see where the movie ‘The Notebook’ had been filmed in Southport, which is on the mainland across from the northern end of Oak Island.

0629_Oak Island

0635_Oak Island

0636_Oak Island

0641_Oak Island

0649_Oak Island

There was a scene from another movie filmed on Oak Island. Or rather, above it. It was from Iron Man 3, the scene where several people are shoved out of an airplane without parachutes and Iron Man saves them. My sister-in-law said the film crew worked an entire day on it. The plane would take off from Wilmington, which is 36 miles, and fly to Oak Island. The people needing rescuing had parachutes under their clothing. Of course the part of their fall after they opened their parachutes wasn’t filmed, only the part where they were plummeting to certain death. My sister-in-law said it took 4 or 5 takes to get it. The plane would arrive from Wilmington and dump the stunt people out, they would parachute into the ocean, they would be collected by boat and brought to shore, then drive back to Wilmington where the plane was waiting for them, board it and fly back to Oak Island and do it all over again.


Next Location – Myrtle Beach

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