American Locations 24 – Myrtle Beach

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Myrtle Beach State Park, South Carolina


After an enjoyable week, I and my wife drove off Oak Island heading west on Rte. 906, then turned southwest on Rte. 211. We then turned south on Hwy. 17. We pulled off at Calabash, a small fishing village just north of the South Carolina  state line. We ate a delicious shrimp dinner. Their hush puppies were especially tasty. We also bought some fresh shrimp to fix later at our next campground.



After lunch we drove into South Carolina and set up camp in Myrtle Beach State Park for two days. It was larger and a bit more crowded than other campgrounds we had been to on this trip. But there was a good beach with a long pier.

237_Myrtle Beach SP

242_Myrtle Beach SP

246_Myrtle Beach SP

As you can see in this picture, the park was on the edge of major development.

236_Myrtle Beach SP

They had oversize chairs.

253_Myrtle Beach SP

265_Myrtle Beach SP

The park rangers said there were a lot of sharks swimming around the pier, but I never saw any.

255_Myrtle Beach SP

There was a good boardwalk to stroll on.256_Myrtle Beach SP

262_Myrtle Beach SP

267_Myrtle Beach SP

I like these pictures. They show which way the wind blows – inland from the ocean.

274_Myrtle Beach SP

371_Myrtle Beach SP

One morning I was up for a good sunrise.

268_Myrtle Beach SP

270_Myrtle Beach SP

271_Myrtle Beach SP

There were trails away from the beach to hike on.

367_Myrtle Beach SP

368_Myrtle Beach SP

We drove into Myrtle Beach one afternoon to walk around.

376_Myrtle Beach

We found a good place to eat lunch. Seafood, of course.

378_Myrtle Beach

It was fun to see, but I prefer camping in the state park. Even with the ghost crabs.

399_Myrtle Beach SP

And giant spiders.

385_Myrtle Beach SP (3)


Next Location – Myrtle Beach 2




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