American Locations 27 – Huntington Beach & Brookgreen Gardens

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

Huntington Beach State Park & Brookgreen Gardens, South Carolina


The next morning we explored the extensive boardwalks that ranged far out into the wetlands.

0775_Huntington Beach SP

0773_Huntington Beach sP

0770_Huntington Beach SP

0772_Huntington Beach SP

On the far side of the wetlands you can see some parked cars.

0771_Huntington Beach SP

We drove over there and found it was a place to launch your canoe or kayak.

0781_Huntington Beach SP

And fish, of course.

0783_Huntington Beach SP

Where the three are standing, and also in the previous photo, it looks like gravel. It’s not. It is crushed clam shells. Before this was a state park a lot of clamming went on here, and this place was where the shells were collected, crushed, then used as a base for the road. All along the lane from the road to this point are mounds of shells not yet crushed.

Once we finished here we drove out of the park across the street into Brookgreen Gardens. It is a statue gardens situated upon land that originally was a rice plantation. We spent the rest of the morning roaming around it.

297_Brookgreen Gardens

313_Brookgreen Gardens

316_Brookgreen Gardens

318_Brookgreen Gardens

320_Brookgreen Gardens

343_Brookgreen Gardens


332_Brookgreen Gardens

There were also courtyards filled with statues.

334_Brookgreen Gardens

336_Brookgreen Gardens

337_Brookgreen Gardens

And some indoors galleries.

308_Brookgreen Gardens

309_Brookgreen Gardens

310_Brookgreen Gardens

After leaving the gardens, we drove to nearby Merrill’s Inlet for lunch. The restaurant had this interesting construct of a school of fish hanging from the ceiling.

354_Merrill's Inlet

Afterwards we walked their boardwalk along the waterfront.

363_Merrill's Inlet

358_Merrill's Inlet

Someone was keeping some goats on this little isle.

364_Merrill's Inlet

Heading south on Hwy 17, we took a short detour to see Pawnee Island.

287_Pawnee Island

284_Pawnee Island

We drove to the southern point, where there was a sandy beach.

288_Pawnee Island

On the sound side people were boating and fishing.

289_Pawnee Island

While on the ocean side they were paddleboarding the surf.

292_Pawnee Island

Late that afternoon we drove off the island and headed south on Hwy. 17.


Next Location is Boone Hall Plantation, Charleston, South Carolina






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