American Locations 30 – The Low Country

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida. 

The Low Country, South Carolina


Early the next morning we continued southwest from Charleston on Hwy. 17. It was an uneventful drive until we turned south on Hwy. 21. This road took us into the Low Country. This was a much more scenic drive. The only problem was it was a rainy overcast day. We stopped at the waterfront in Beaufort. As you can see from the photos it was foggy and everything was soaked.





We drove across the bridge at Beaufort and continued on Sea Island Parkway deeper into the Low Country. We stopped at a seafood market on the side of the road for some fresh shrimp to cook that evening. Then we drove on to Hunting Island State Park, which is on the coast. We learned the campground was closed due to damage from the recent hurricane. The storm had hit this area much harder than it had the Outer Banks. Although we couldn’t camp we could still drive around the park. The damage was extensive.

0947_Hunting Island SP

0947a_Huntwing Island SP


Otherwise, the little we saw of the park was nice.

0948_Hunting Island SP

0948a_Hunting Island SP

0949_Hunting Island SP


There was a bridge crossing to a small island.

0950_Hunting Island SP


We drove across it, but was stopped at the far end. The island was privately owned and we weren’t welcome. So we turned around and backtracked all the way back through Beaufort back to Hwy. 17. We were on one of the several peninsulas in the Low Country with only one road in or out. Once off the peninsula we resumed traveling southwest on Hwy. 17 to I-95, which took us south out of South Carolina into Georgia to Savannah.


Next Location – Skidaway State Park

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