American Locations 31 – Skidaway Island State Park, Savannah, Georgia

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.


Skidaway Island State Park


We found a beautiful place to camp outside of Savannah – Skidaway Island State Park.

0951_Skidaway Island SP

We took a short hike.

0953_Skidaway Island SP

0954_Skidaway Island SP

0957_skidaway Island SP

We saw this area had taken a hit from the recent hurricane, just not as bad as Hunting Island.

0956_Skidaway Island SP

The bridge over the Skidaway River.

0958_Skidaway Island SP

After resting at our campsite, later that afternoon I took a much longer hike around the park.

0959_Skidaway Island SP

0966_Skidaway Island SP

0973_Skidaway Island SP

0974_Skidaway Island SP

0978_Skidaway Island SP

I found these piles of clam shells at several different places.

0970_Skidaway Island SP

I saw more hurricane damage.

0972_Skidaway Island SP

Like most state parks, there was the opportunity for primitive backcountry camping.

0976_Skidaway Island SP

I came across an observation tower.

0979_Skidaway Island SP

It gave a good view from its three-story height.

0981_Skidaway Island SP


0987_Skidaway Island SP

I climbed back down and continued my hike.

0997_Skidaway Island SP

There was a tree with impressive roots.

1003_Skidaway Island SP

And a bridge with a natural arch.

1004_Skidaway Island SP

I came across several clam middens that had been piled up by native Americans.

0993_Skidaway Island SP

0996_Skidaway Island SP

And the remnants of a still.

0998_Skidaway Island SP

There were also earthworks from the Civil War where canons had been emplaced to defend this approach to Savannah.

1007_Skidaway Island SP

After several miles the trail wound its way back to the campground, where I crashed for the rest of the day.


Next Location – Savannah, Georgia









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