American Locations 36 – Anastasia

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.


Anastasia State Park, Florida


Leaving Stephen C. Foster State Park, we backtracked out of Okefenokee Swamp on Rte. 177 to Fargo, where we turned onto Rte.94. We headed east around the southern edge of the swamp into Florida, where the road became Rte. 94. At St. George we turned south on Rte. 23, which upon crossing back into Florida became Rte. 121. At McClenny we got on I-10 and headed east. Wanting to avoid Jacksonville, I never like driving through large cities if I can avoid it, we turned south on I-295, then continued south on I-95. We exited south onto Hwy. 1. I much prefer taking scenic routes than traveling on interstates. South of St. Augustine we turned off onto Rte. A1A so we could drive along the coast. This led us to Anastasia State Park.

1238_Anastasia SP

There was a nature trail we hiked. It felt good to stretch our legs after driving for hours.

1257_Anastasia SP

1254_Anastasia SP

1260_Anastasia SP

It was a short walk from the campground to the beach. This is an interesting tree in the beach parking lot, with St. Augustine lighthouse in the background.

1246_Anastasia SP

There was also this cool anchor.

1248_Anastasia SP

And a tree that had definitely weathered a hurricane or two.

1250_Anastasia SP

An extensive boardwalk kept people off the dunes as they walked to the beach.

1265_Anastasia SP

1273_Anastasia SP

And what a beach. A wide sandy expanse.

1242_Anastasia SP

1245_Anastasia SP

One day we were on the beach 3 guys were wading out into what was a heavy surf with instruments. I learned later they were surveyors recording how much the recent hurricanes had eroded the beach. This is a screen capture from a video I took.

1271a_Anastasia SP

We also hiked a trail around the sound, which is called Salt Run. You can see the backs of  the beach dunes in the distance in the top left of the photo.

1279_Anastasia SP

We also hiked to see the Old Spanish Quarries, originally known as the King’s Coquina Quarries. Coquina, a kind of limestone composed of mollusk shells and sand, was used in the building of many early colonial structures.

1281_Anastasia SP

We spent 2 days here. On the way out we toured St. Augustine.


Next Location – St. Augustine, Florida


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