American Locations 38 – Tomoka

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.


Tomoka State Park, Florida


We drove south from St. Augustine on Rte. A1A. It was a beautiful drive that hugged the coast. Along the way we stopped briefly at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. I saw an alligator there. It was underneath a small bridge my wife was standing on. When I pointed it out she quickly got off the bridge.


We turned inland on High Bridge Road and crossed the Halifax River through Bulow Creek State Park. We turned south on Old Dixie Hwy. This took us through some low-lying marsh land, with water nearly up over the road. Another beautiful drive. We turned off onto North Beach Rd. and into Tomoka State Park. The campground wasn’t busy, and the sites were very private.

1325_Tomoka SP

1330_Tomoka SP

There is a memorial to the Tomoka Native Americans who originally settled here.

1312_Tomoka SP

At the northern point you can see across the Halifax River to the development on the nearby Atlantic coast.

1314_Tomoka SP

1315_Tomoka SP

From here we hiked a trail along the Halifax River.

1316_Tomoka SP

1319_Tomoka SP

That evening we went to the riverside to watch the evening come on.

1334_Tomoka SP

1331_Tomoka SP

We saw a pair of dolphins playing in the river. The next morning I took a thermos of coffee down to the river to watch the sunrise. In the pre-dawn I could hear some large animals in the trees, but I never saw what was making the racket. The lights in the distance is the high-rise development on the coast.

1336_Tomoka SP

Later that morning we continued south down the Florida coast.


Next Location – Canaveral National Seashore


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