American Locations 41 – Long Point

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Long Point Campground, Florida


Early the next morning we drove south on Hwy. 1 and crossed over back to the coast on A1A, then continued south. Another incredible drive. This stretch of the road is right on the oceanfront. We had intended to stay at Sebastion Inlet State Park, but the campground was full. This was the only time on the entire trip we couldn’t get into a campground because it was full. The park ranger directed us to a campground operated by the county that was just up the road. So we went to Long Point. Were we ever glad we did. I have never seen so many birds in my life. It was like being in a zoo.

1459_Long Point

1461_Long Point

1468_Long Point

It was on a small island.

1469_Long Point

1466_Long Point

The mainland could be seen in the distance.

1475_Long Point

Each of the waterfront sites had their individual water access like this one.

1463_Long Point

Of course they were all taken, so we had to set up in the middle of the island. Notice all the birds.

1458_Long Point

The middle of the island had its charms, too.

1510_Long Point

There was another smaller island with no campsites to explore, but it had been damaged by the latest hurricane and was off limits.

1473_Long Point

Back on the mainland there was a short trail through a mangrove swamp. We drove over and parked.

1476_Long Point

Notice the bird perched in the parking lot.

1476_Long Point (2)

We then hiked the trail.

1478_Long Point

1480_Long Point

1482_Long Point

1483_Long Point

There was also a stretch of ocean beach that was operated by the county park. It was a bit of a walk from the parking lot.

1503_Long Point

1504_Long Point

1509_Long Point

But it eventually led to a beach.

1485_Long Point

There was a bunch of kids cleaning up the beach.

1486_Long Point

I went in for a brief swim. The surf was so rough it beat you up.

1492_Long Point

We saw this guy cruising around in a cool ultralight.

1501_Long Point

That evening the sun performed another great ‘down’ for us. We were invited onto a waterfront site to enjoy it.

1511_Long Point

1514_Long Point

1515_Long Point

Another enjoyable day came to an end.


Next Location – John Pennekamp State Park, Florida






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