American Locations 42 – Biscayne & John Pennekamp

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Biscayne National Park & John Pennekamp State Park, Florida

Early the next morning we drove south on Rte. A1A along the oceanfront for as long as we could. More beautiful scenery. Just north of Jupiter Island the road turned inland and merged with Hwy. 1. We continued south for a while on Hwy. 1, but eventually got on I- 95. Then came the worst drive of the entire trip. The drive around Miami. The traffic was horrible. At some point we got off the Interstate to make our way around the west side of the city. It was a snarl. We stopped to eat lunch in a Wal-Mart parking lot, that was the kind of day it was. After a brutal day driving we finally escaped the traffic into open country. We passed by one coconut tree farm after another, until we reached Biscayne National Park.

1527_Biscayne NP

1517_Biscayne NP

We could see downtown Miami in the distance.

1516a_Biscayne NP

But there were better views.

1520_Biscayne NP

1521_Biscayne NP

1522_Biscayne NP

The visitor center had some interesting displays.

1523_Biscayne NP

Rested and recovered from a stressful drive, we made our way back out to Hwy. 1 and continued south off the mainland onto Key Largo. We got a campsite at John Pennekamp State Park.

1529_Pennekamp SP

We had a site that backed up to wetlands, so we had some interesting critters prowling around our motor home.




And birds.


Like much else of the Keys, the park had sustained considerable hurricane damage. Only half of the park was open, and only half of the campground. This bridge led to the part that was closed.


So we enjoyed what we could of the park. The waterfront.

1531_Pennekamp SP


A nature trail.

1541_Pennekamp SP

1538_Pennekamp SP

I especially liked these two trees, the twisted one and the bright red one.



It had been a tiring day, so we spent the rest of evening at our site.

Next Location – John Pennekamp State Park 2


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