American Locations 44 – Everglades

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Everglades National Park, Florida

Leaving John Pennekamp, we drove north on Hwy. 1 off Key Largo back onto the mainland. In Homestead, we turned west and entered the Everglades National Park. Our first stop was at the visitor center at the east entrance. We walked their extensive boardwalks.





There was an alligator hanging around.


This ropy brown stuff was flourishing in some of the water.


One of the main attractions were the birds.


Do you see that dark thing in the water? That’s an anhinga. It’s a diving bird. The boardwalk system at the visitor center is named after them – The Anhinga Trail. They dive for fish, then surface and float on the water while spreading their wings to dry the feathers.


We learned from a ranger that the campground at Flamingo was closed from extensive hurricane damage. The visitor center there was also closed. But the view was as great as ever.




On the way back east we stopped several times to look around or take a short hike.






Since the campgrounds in the park were closed due to hurricane damage, late that afternoon we left the park and drove back into Homestead to find a private campground.

We meet a lot of fellow campers on our trips, campers are a companionable lot. We met a man and his son there from a northern state. His wife was an insurance adjuster, and she was on a 6-month assignment filing claims for hurricane damage. Her husband was a construction worker who wasn’t working at the time, it was the off-season for construction work where they came from. Their son transferred to a local school. They had rented a large trailer and set it up in this park to live in. The father and son were having a ball, while the mother worked 12-hour days. We never did meet her. Her husband said she always came in very late. While he and his son were floating in the campground pool.


Next Location – Big Cypress National Preserve


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