American Locations 47 – Fort DeSoto

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Fort DeSoto County Park, St. Petersburg, Florida

Later that morning after my feet dried out we left the Big Cyprus campground. We continued west on Hwy. 41. There were sights to stop for along the way.




We stopped at this one place that had a boardwalk that wound deep into the swamp. I wouldn’t have to get my feet wet this time.




Emerging on the west side of Big Cyprus, we turned south on Rte. 29 to Everglades City. This is on the west side of Everglades and was totally wiped out. The hurricane damage was a lot worse here. Even the visitor center was closed. So we didn’t stop, we turned back north up Rte. 29. Skirting the west edge of Big Cyprus, it was another pleasant drive. At first. Once we got away from the preserve, it was the usual development. So we took Rte. 82 northwest over to I-75 and headed north. For some reason our GPS routed us into Tampa onto I-274 and around to St. Petersburg from the north, instead of taking us across the Skyline Bridge from the south, which would have been much simpler, and faster, and less hectic. But eventually we made it to Fort DeSoto Park. They were very busy and only had 3 sites open for the night, and were booked up for the next 2. But they worked with us, moving us from our original site to a cancellation the next night and another cancellation the third night. Our first site was the best. It was on a channel.


Once parked, I hardly budged the rest of the night. I was tired from all the driving, and the view was sublime.




A pair of dolphins swam up the channel our site was on then back out. They are so fun to watch. And there was yet another nice sunset.





Next Location – Fort DeSoto 2


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