American Locations 48 – Fort De Soto 2

The trip is from New River, West Virginia, to Stinking Creek, Tennessee, by way of Long Key, Florida.

 Fort DeSoto County Park, St. Petersburg, Florida

The next day we moved to the worst of our 3 sites. Although you can’t see it, the site was  next to a playground, and the screaming was incessant.


It was a gloomy overcast day. We explored the park. There was the beach.



I don’t know where this excursion boat was from, but if they had free beer no wonder it was so crowded. They must have been going out. If they were coming back, after a cruise with free beer it wouldn’t have been so crowded.


We toured the old fort. From the position of the one canon it seems treachery was afoot.


There was a fishing pier that extended out into the ocean. Which had free fishing. Apparently the fishing fees had been covered by an endowment from some kindly rich person. Maybe he sponsored the excursion boat, too.


There was a scoop of pelicans.


And all sorts of birds.


We walked out to the end of the pier. There were several dolphins playing.


We saw this anhinga drying its wings. They were fun to watch. They’d circle in the air until they spied something in the water they wanted to eat. Then they’d nose-dive, hitting the water at such a high speed you’d think it would knock them silly. Then they’d come up and float on the water while their wings dried. Or got out somewhere to dry them, as this one did.


The Sunshine Bridge, that spans Tampa Bay from south of Tampa to St. Petersburg. Although on this day it was very hazy and overcast, not much sunshine.


On our third morning we moved to a more agreeable site.


It was a much nicer day to roam around the park.


Birds were everywhere.




These people looked like they were fishing off a paddle board. Or maybe they were just standing up in a kayak. Either sounds tricky.


We found some exotic trees.


This is the Sunshine Bridge on a sunny day.


A monument to DeSoto.


There was a second pier that went into the bay.


From which a man caught a small hammerhead shark. He took some pictures, let other people like me take some pictures, then he threw it back in. You are not allowed to fish for sharks.


This seemed like a well-staged photo to me. The chairs in the sand at the water’s edge, the beached kayak, the birds in the water. Except it wasn’t staged, we just came upon it while walking around.


Some other nice spots.


My wife had come to this campground several times with her parents when she was a child and she enjoyed seeing it as an adult. But 3 days was enough.


Next Location – Rock City, Chattanooga, Tennessee








































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