American Locations 2

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Pare Marquette State Park, Illinois

After stopping to see the Confluence Tower, we drove north on Rte. 3 to Wood River, where we turned onto Rte. 143. We continued north  along the Mississippi River to Alton, where we turned onto Rte. 100. Heading north on 100 was a very scenic drive. On the left the road closely hugged the river, providing great views, while on the right it passed below towering bluffs. It proved very difficult keeping my eyes on the road. We didn’t make any additional stops since we had been driving all day and were anxious to reach our destination.

            We arrived at Pare Marquette State Park and set up in their campground. We relaxed the rest of the day. The next morning we began exploring the park. There was a picturesque log cabin next to the campground.

And a historic church.

The park is on the Illinois River where it merges with the Mississippi.

Outside the lodge trees were just beginning to bloom.

There were also several interesting statues outside the lodge.

Inside the lodge there was this enormous fireplace.

Also, a collection of leaves hanging from the ceiling.

That afternoon, we drove around the park and stopped to hike a trail.

From which we had a good view of the rivers.

Of course, whenever you hike up you have to hike back down.

We spent a second relaxing night there, then continued our trip the next morning.

Next Location – the Cofluence of the Mississippi River and the Missouri River

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