American Locations 3

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

The Cofluence of the Mississippi River and the Missouri River

We drove south from Pere Marquette State Park on Rte. 100. Well-rested, we stopped several times to enjoy the view. Our first stop was in Grafton at the confluence of the Illinois River and the Mississippi River.

Gazing across the Illinois River we saw a barge coming down the Mississippi.

Leaving Grafton, we continued south on Rte. 3. Although we were backtracking, we now were refreshed enough to want to stop and see the sights. This is a shot heading south on Rte. 100 as it closely follow the river on the right, with the bluffs on the left.

We stopped at Alton and walked around their riverfront.

Here is a better shot of the bridge over the Mississippi we would take into Missouri.

On this bridge we drove from the Alton riverfront on Hwy. 67 across the Mississippi River into Missouri. Less than a mile into Missouri we turned south onto Riverlands Drive. It started out paved, but soon turned to gravel. The road wound through open country into Confluence Point State Park. This Missouri state park is not developed at all. There is only the gravel road that leads to a parking lot on the Missouri River. A short hike through some trees along the river.

They lead to the confluence point with the Mississippi.

That is the Mississippi just beyond the island in the center of the photo.

There are markers at the point.

Looking across the Mississippi you can see Alton.

And the Confluence Point tower in Illinois we had stopped to see 2 days ago.

We walked back to our motor home and drove back out of the park back to Hwy. 67. This whole time the only other people we encountered were several workers planting trees. We continued southwest on 67 to I-270, and skirted the northern edge of St. Louis. Most of the time we try to avoid large cities, unless there is some point of interest we want to see. The traffic was heavy, and it was slow-going until we turned off the circle freeway onto I-70. As we continued west on the Interstate, the traffic grew lighter and the driving more enjoyable.

Next Location – Arrow Rock State Park, Missouri

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