American Locations 6

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Monument Hills, Kansas

Early in the afternoon, after finishing our hike on the Rockhound Trail at Wilson Lake, we continued west on I-70. Since we got such a late start we didn’t get very far. We pulled off the Interstate at Oakley, about 70 miles east of the Colorado state line. We set up in a private campground and crashed for the evening. There was a glorious sunset.

A serious storm was predicted for eastern Colorado, so we sheltered in place for 2 more days. The first day was nice, so we explored. People at the campground told us about Monument Rocks Natural National Landmark. We drove south from Oakley on Hwy. 83 to turn east onto Jayhawk Rd. At the junction with 460 it went from paved to gravel, and we continued east on Grove 3. We followed this until it ended, then turned south on Grove 14. This gravel road zigged and zagged until it reached Grove 16, which we turned south on. We followed this to Monument Rocks. Kansas is supposed to be so flat, but these rock formations were impressive since they rose up out of such flatness.

This photo with our motor home gives some sense of scale.

We were the only people there. So we parked and roamed all over.

On the way back to Oakley, we stopped to see a Buffalo Bill Memorial.

The next day we stayed in, since it stormed all day long. So by the next morning we were antsy go go.

Next Location – I-70 into the Rocky Mountains, Colorado

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