American Locations 11

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Colorado National Monument, Colorado

We drove south from Rifle Gap SP to the city of Rifle, where he got on I-70 and continued west. The drive was uneventful until the Interstate caught up with the Colorado River just beyond Grand Junction. It was much more scenic as the Interstate followed the river into Fruita. We exited there and turned south on Rte. 340. This took us into Colorado National Monument.

A twisting road wound from flat plains up into towering mountains.

There were a lot of bicyclists, and we had to carefully work our way around them. There was not much sight clearance on this twisty road. Also, there were many interesting sights on the route drawing my eyes off the blacktop before, and the bicyclists all around, me.

Near the highest elevation, we came to a visitor center where we could park and explore on foot.

My wife kept urging me to take another step back for this picture.

Notice in the picture I took of her she refused to back up any.

Note the visitor center at the top.

There were also some interesting trees along the way.

We got back in the motor home and continued driving the road that ran along the top of the monument. Of course, we stopped often at scenic vistas.

This picture gives some scale to the monument. See the two people at the railing?

After an afternoon of exploring, we exited the monument and found a private campground near the entrance. Following a late dinner, we walked next door to a Dairy Queen. Blizzards were a good way to cap a beautiful but tiring day.

   Next Location – Moab, Utah

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