American Locations 22

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Capitol Reef National Park, Utah

We drove east out of Goblin Valley State park back to Rte. 24, then turned south. Back to Hanksville, we continued west on Rte. 24 into Capital Reef National Park.

We parked for lunch, then hiked up to see Hickman Natural Bridge.

And here is Hickman Arch

We could get under it.

The hike back out could be just as nice.

And back to the parking lot.

We stopped at the visitor center and learned the campground was full. But a ranger told us of BLM land just outside the park were we could camp for free. So we continued west on Rte. 24 out of the park, and just beyond the park boundary was a field next to the road where dozens of units and tents were already set up. So we pulled in, staked our claim, and camped the night for free.

I still had too much energy, so I climbed the hills we were camped at the foot of. There wasn’t a trail, so I blazed my own.

From on high I could look down on the campers.

Our motor home was parked next to a green bush.

There was a nice view from up there.

I finally reached the top.

Then it was time to come back down. I had a bit of trouble. I thought I had marked my way well, but I couldn’t find the way I had come up. So I had to blaze another trail down. This wasn’t as good a way as how I had come up. It was steeper, and I had to do a lot of hand over hand scrambling and sliding.

But I made it.

We spent a pleasant night there. With this being unpoliced by rangers, I expected a lot of drunkenness and loud music, but everyone was respectful of each other. We spent hours that evening talking to several of the other campers. It was a good experience.

Next Location – Capitol Reef National Park 2

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