American Locations 23

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Capitol Reef National Park 2

Early the next morning we drove back into Capitol Reef National Park and took the scenic route south from Rte. 24. We stopped to see a ranch that had been preserved.

Then we drove deeper into the park.

The mountains are tilted here at all kinds of odd angles due to geological pressures.

I am holding my camera level. They really do tilt up like this.

We kept driving deeper and deeper into the park.

The pavement ended at the entrance to Capitol Gorge. We stopped to read about it.

We proceeded into the gorge on a dirt road. This is the advantage to having such a small motor home, you can drive it practically anywhere.

Several miles later we came to the end of the road. We parked and continued on foot.

There were some Native American pictographs along the way.

At the end of the Gorge Trail was the beginning of the Tanks Trail. This went straight up, kickback after kickback.

From here I could look down to some people who had chosen not to climb.

I continued going up. Yet another great hike.

At the top were rainwater-filled depressions. These are the sinks.

This one had dried up.

It looked like most of them were dry.

But a few held water.

There was also an arch up there.

Then it was hike back down.

And hike back out to where we had parked our motor home.

We drove back north the way we had come. There is only one paved road going through the park.

We turned west on Rte. 24. We stopped several times at nice vistas.

We continued west on Rte. 24 out of the park and past where we had spent the previous night. We found a private campground in the small town of Torey, where we had running water and electricity. We crashed for the evening.

Next Location – Rte. 12

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