From The North Rim 22

Some quick personal info. I received my paperback copy of ‘When The World Stopped’, which includes my short story ‘A Mutualistic Relationship’.

I was really impressed by the first story, ‘War Fever’, by T J Berg. A strong one to open the book with. I always read all the other stories in any anthology I am included in, to compare my story against those of the other authors. I am halfway through the book so far and I’m impressed with the quality. My story ranks far down in the list of best to worst.

Also, I mentioned I was using mathematical haiku poems in my novel ‘Flatlanders’. So I emailed all the authors to request their permission. They all responded positively right away. I was surprised at their promptness. You must always do this if you are going to incorporate any copyrighted material in your writing.

Now, back to ‘Flatlanders’. As I stated before, the protagonist in the novel is Mickey Haiku. The antagonist is Eden. She is another brilliant theoretical physicist, only she lives in a parallel dimension. She is the leading scientist of the Crossover Project. But her personal life is in shambles. She is living with her brother because she has left her husband, who is her boss in her lab. She left him because he was seeing another woman. Even though she is seeing another man. And she has just learned she is pregnant. Also, tremendous pressure is bearing on her to complete the Crossover Project since the government is about to shut it down for lack of progress.

As you can probably tell by now, the tone of the book is light. It is not a comedy, but there is much comedy in it. Mickey and Eden both believe they are doing the right thing for their own world. I think that makes for a more interesting conflict. There is not a good guy and a bad guy. Only two people fighting for what each thinks is right. The model I have in mind for this a book is ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy’. I’m not claiming mine is as good as that, just that I am striving to make it the same kind of story.

More about Part One in the next newsletter.

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