American Locations 24

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Rte. 12, Utah

Torey marks the eastern terminus of Rte. 12, one of the most amazing roads you will ever drive on. It starts out by ascending over 9000 feet to the top of Boulder Mountain.

Here we are nearing the peak.

Coming down off Boulder Mountain, the Hogback Highway…

…which is what Rte. 12 is called, began winding up and down and around and across mountain after mountain. This narrow two-lane blacktop road takes you through some amazing scenery. It’s difficult to keep your eyes on the road, but you have to because there are no guardrails and scant shoulder. You could run off on either side and roll for hundreds of feet down a mountainside. The drive was great fun.

We stopped to eat lunch and stretch our legs at the Escalante National Monument visitor center.

Then continued west on the Hogback.

The scenery continued to amaze.

We came out of the west side Escalante in the little town of Cannonville, ending one of the best drives of my life.

Next Location – Kodachrome Basin State Park

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