American Locations 37

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Twin Lakes, Colorado

The next morning we continued east on I-70. After several hours we approached the Rockies once again.

We had several misadventures. First, I had wanted to see the Aspen area, then cross the mountains on Rte. 82 to Twin Lakes. So we exited I-70 at Glenwood Springs and drove south on Rte. 82. Nearing Aspen, I learned the pass hadn’t opened yet (it closes for the winter, spring, and fall). I was 1 week too early. So we had to drive back north on Rte. 82 back to I-70 and continue east. Where we got stuck in some serious construction. After sitting for an hour or so, we finally got through the jam and continued east on I-70. We exited at Vail and drove south on Hwy. 24. This was the western leg of the Top of the Rockies scenic route, which we had already done on the way to Utah. At least we were seeing it from a different angle.

We didn’t stop at Leadville, since we had already spent the night there. Other than to snap some more pictures of the place.

We continued south beyond Leadville on Hwy. 24. This was new territory we hadn’t seen before. We turned west onto Rte. 82 to Twin Lakes. There was a small BLM campground there. It wasn’t open yet, but the caretaker told us to go ahead and camp free of charge. There was 1 motor home and several tents already set up.

The campground was beautiful, right on the side of one of the lakes. It was like camping in the Alps could be like.

I hiked along the lakes for about a mile.

When I first started out it was sunny and warm, but a cold wind blew up and I was freezing by the time I got back to the motor home. That night we were rocked to sleep by the wind.

Next Location – Arkansas River Valley, Colorado

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