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I am inexorably nearing the completion of my science fiction novel ‘Flatlanders’. Which means I am reading through it and reading through it and reading through it, until I can read through it without making any improvements or corrections. Anyway, I am getting close enough to finishing it I am starting to consider such things as blurbs, pitches, and synopsis. But first of all, the cover.

Since I don’t self-publish, the cover design isn’t up to me. I’ve had 4 covers – 3 novels and a stand-alone novella. Two covers I don’t like at all. Such as the cover to my first novel, ‘A Cold Dish”.

The imagery has absolutely nothing to do with the story.

I was also displeased with the cover to my third novel, ‘Souls of Nod’.

This is a ghost story, and if you look really hard you can see human forms amid the smoke that I assume could be ghosts. The publisher offered me a different cover, one that I liked much better.

Since the story was centered around empty houses, haunted houses, I much preferred this cover. But the publisher went with the other one.

The cover to my stand-alone novella, ‘Under A Raging Moon’, I liked a lot.

The two dark forms represent the mother and her 12-year old demon-possessed son fleeing for their lives one night. The huge moon represents the super moon that was central to the story. They are depicted being in the country, although most of the story took place in the suburbs, but I consider that a minor detail. I like the distorted waviness of the image, suggesting otherworldly powers were afoot in the night while also showing the powerful tidal influence of the super moon on the world below.

My favorite cover is the one to my Middle Grade novel, ‘Shadytown’.

Major elements from the story are displayed, such as the dark towering tree, the yellow collection box, and the rattlesnake. The color scheme is cartoonish, which is appropriate for a Middle Grade book.

Here are my thoughts for the cover of my new book, ‘Flatlanders’. Imagine a wooden park bench on the surface of the moon. It is facing Earth hanging above the lunar horizon, so it is seen from the back. On the back of the bench is an equation, Planck’s Constant:  6.62607004×10-34m2kg/s. A man and a woman, seen from the back, sit side by side on the bench obviously admiring the Earth. They are not dressed in space suits, they are clad in something resembling skintight pajamas, with boots, gloves, and a ski mask toboggan so every inch of their bodies are covered. Perhaps one large crater could be depicted next to the bench. I can picture that image perfectly in my head, and it perfectly captures the spirit of my book.

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Shadytown – Middle Grade paranormal adventure novel (

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