American Locations 39

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Arkansas River Valley and Royal Gorge, Colorado

The next morning we continued south on Hwy. 24, which followed the Arkansas River.

The Arkansas River runs fast, especially in the spring with snow melt. We saw a few rafters flying down the river. At Poncha Springs we turned east on Hwy. 50. Out of the Arkansas River Valley and away from the mountains, the drive was less interesting. Until we came to Royal Gorge. We turned south off Hwy. 50 onto 3A and drove into the park from the north. We stopped at an overlook of the bridge spanning the gorge.

The bridge is closed to vehicle traffic. You have to buy an expensive pass to walk out onto it, but this pass also gets you onto their rides, which includes a cable car across the gorge.

The gorge is impressive. That is the Arkansas River cutting through it.

There is a visitor center you can enter for free. It is on the east side of the gorge.

We wandered around the visitor center. There is an old train outside.

We then drove back north on 3A out of the park to Hwy. 50 and continued east to Canon City. They have a skyline drive there I wanted to drive, but it was restricted to vehicles 20 feet or shorter. We’re 23 feet long, so I had to by-pass it. We continued east to Penrose, where we turned north on Rte. 115 toward Colorado Springs.

Next Location – Cheyenne Mountain State Park, Colorado

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