From The North Rim 37

If any of the new readers want to catch up, the newsletter is archived on the Shadytown site:  Shadytown – Middle Grade paranormal adventure novel (

Since I got on the topic of covers last newsletter, here are some others I’ve been blessed with. This magazine, put out by Breaking Rules Publishing, contained my short story ‘MP-3D”.

Digital covers can be artistic, too. My short story ‘Border Incident’ was published online in the Constellate Literary Journal. They designed an enigmatic image.

Back to print, this cover captured the ghostly mood of the story collection including my short story ‘A Sense of Fear’, even though they spelled my name wrong.

I especially liked the cover of this magazine that published my short story ‘Deep Fade’. It looks like the cover of a comic book.

Purple Prose, which published my science fiction short story ‘Womb’, had an excellent cover for their digital-only mag.

This artistic cover was for the print magazine put out by 67 Press that contained my short story ‘Death Pitch’.

My short story ‘The World Ended Last Night and Nobody Told Me’ was included in this print magazine with another strikingly artistic cover.

I hope this gives you a feel for the range of styles of covers that can be created for your works of fiction.

 From the bookshelf of Breaking Rules Publications

New Arrivals (

Shadytown – Middle Grade paranormal adventure novel (

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