American Location 43

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Denver, Colorado

The next morning we backtracked from Cripple Creek north on Rte. 67 to Divide, where we continued to backtrack by turning onto Hwy. 24 first northeast to Woodland Park, then southeast through Manitou Springs on to Colorado Springs. From there we headed north on I-25 the short distance to Denver.

My wife’s sister and her husband live in Aurora, a city on the outskirts of Denver. We parked our motor home at their home and rode with them to places around Denver.  Such as Red Rocks .

It was a long walk down to the stage.

Then an even longer trek (or so it seemed) back up. Believe it not, there were people running up and down these steps.

There was also a museum to see.

Then it was off to a tour of Coors.

I could have helped produce the tops of these vats Coors brews their beer in. Coors was a customer of the metal fabrication plant I worked at most of my life. I spun up and machined the edges of tank ends like these. Pure copper was difficult to work with. It was soft and slick, and quickly hardened and cracked and thinned out if worked too long. Of course, it was also an expensive metal, which management kept emphasizing while nervously watching me flange these tank ends. 

Our hosts also took us around to some locales outside of Denver.

Next Destination – Outside Denver, Colorado

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