American Locations 44

The trip is from Lewis & Clark Monument, Illinois, to Kickapoo State Park, Illinois, by way of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona

Outside Denver, Colorado

They drove us up Mt. Evans, which gives a great view of Denver in the distance. The road is a narrow twisting sharp ascent that made up for us not getting to drive up Pike’s Peak. This time I was a passenger and, not driving, meant I could look around a lot more than I usually get to. It was a gorgeous drive.

Of course, we made frequent stops to roam around on the ascent.

At the very top we parked and hiked around.

We saw some critters who lived up here.

There was a visitor center and observatory at the top.

Notice the road far below. It was a great drive up.

Of course, I had to hike up to the very top.

From this shot you can see the overflow parking below and to the right (just kidding).

My wife’s sister and her husband at the very top.

As you can see, they were smiling. I was not. I was gasping for oxygen. They are natives, and I was definitely not acclimated to these altitudes. The hike to the top sapped me, I was panting like a dog. But I managed a grimace.

The drive back down was just as nice.

Coming off Mt. Evans, we drove the short distance to Central City. Like Cripple Creek, this was an old mining town where the historic buildings were preserved by converting them into small storefront casinos.

Another day they took us to Waterton Canyon. It was a good place to ride bikes.

We saw a lot of bighorn sheep.

The best trip they took us on was to Rocky Mountain National Park.

Next Destination – Rocky Mountain NP, Colorado

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