American Locations 4 – Sturbridge Village, Massachusetts

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

Finished at Niagara Falls, we continued east on I-90. After a little ways we stopped for the night at a travel center since it was free. There were no hook-ups, of course, but we were allowed to park for the night. Never again. It was a hot August night, so we had to sleep with the windows open. All the semis around us, and there were many, kept their diesel engines running throughout the night. It was thunderous. We tried moving away from them to a remote corner. Almost as soon as we did another semi pulled up close. So I don’t plan to stay overnight in a New York travel plaza again unless it’s an emergency.

The next morning following a restless night we continued driving east on I-90. It was a pleasant drive through mostly farm country. For a while we followed the old Erie Canal, sections of which are operational. I-90 also took us through the Mohawk Valley. Very scenic. But the farther east we traveled the more urban the landscape. Shortly after passing through Albany and crossing the Hudson River, we continued east into Massachusetts.

As soon as we entered the state we were in the Berkshires. Western Massachusetts is a beautiful drive through the mountains. I always watch for the Appalachian Trail footbridge across I-90. I believe it is near Lee, but I’m not sure. Nearing the middle of the state we left the Berkshires and entered a much more heavily developed region. First I-91, then I-84, and finally I-395 all join I-90 from the south, and the traffic increases exponentially. The pleasant part of the drive was over.

Luckily, at this time we got a break from the drive. We exited I-90 at Sturbridge, which is just west of Worcester, to see Old Sturbridge Village. This is from their web site:

A True New England Getaway

The stories of the past come to life! Visit our village to interact with costumed historians and learn about life in the 19th century. Catch demonstrations, browse our exhibits, and explore the historic village and the local town. Spend a day or a whole weekend here when you plan your summer getaway in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

There were a lot of restored houses to walk about.

There are plenty of activities for the kids.

We could also venture inside the houses.

Many of the houses had historical interpreters at work.

Outside, too. Such as a shepherd demonstrating how he gives commands to herd a flock of sheep to his well-trained dog by whistling to it. Also, sheep shearing.

There were other things to see outside, such as these longhorn cattle.

And this brick oven.

Rides were given, too.

There was a working sawmill with a saw that was powered by a water wheel. They cut up lumber the same way it had been done centuries ago.

Of course, there was a covered bridge.

And you could just stroll through a pretty landscape.

It was a good way to stretch our legs after a day spent driving. Finished, we continued east on I-90, and were quickly through Worcester and into the Greater Boston metro area. Now the traffic, and the maze of roads, was horrendous. Thank God for Garmin.

Next Location – Boston

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