American Locations 6 – Salem

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

While staying with family in Stow and Beverly, we’ve seen many places around Boston. One of my favorites is Salem. Beverly is right next door to Salem, so we’ve been there several times. The first time was at Halloween. Salem Commons was filled with carved pumpkins.

That was an experience not to be missed, Salem at Halloween. We saw all kinds of characters roaming around. And a lot of decorations.

Here is what the Salem Commons looks like at other times.

It is quite large, 8 acres.

The Salem Witch Museum is across the street from the Commons.

That is not a statue of a witch on the rock across the street from the Commons in front of the Witch Museum. A Common misunderstanding (I make no apology for the pun, I really like it). It is a statue of the founder of Salem, Roger Conant.

Here is a statue of a witch.

There are a lot of statues around Salem. Such as one of Nathaniel Hawthorn.

The original House of Seven Gables, which Nathaniel Hawthorne made famous with his novel, is one of many old houses that have been preserved. It is operated as a bed and breakfast, which I’m sure is pricey.

Many historic buildings have been preserved, especially by the waterfront. Hawthorn worked at the Customs House. Even back then a writer couldn’t support himself with his writing, he needed a day job.

There are other preserved old houses along the waterfront.

And plenty away from the water, too.

In fact, there is this little candy shop in one that is delicious. It’s only a couple blocks off the water.

The Salem waterfront is a registered historical landmark.

A tall ship, the Friendship of Salem, is anchored there.

You can tour the Sail Loft. It is filled with old sailing equipment.

There is a spit here that goes far out into the harbor.

To a lighthouse.

There are plenty of other places to go in Salem. A lot of fine restaurants with good seafood. A lot of novelty shops. The Peabody Museum has some good exhibits. Willows Arcade is a good place to take the kids. Of course, a lot of tourist attractions dealing with the Salem witch trials. One of my favorite places is Winter Island Park.

There is a lighthouse there, too.

A bit of a beach.

A nice view of the harbor.

There is also a small campground. I’d love to camp there sometime.

Next Location – Marblehead

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