American Locations 16 – Newburyport & Plum Island, Massachusetts

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

Time to shift gears. Nearly all the previous posts have been about other trips taken to sites in the Boston area, other parts of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. Now to resume the camping trip. From Boston we drove north on I-95 to Newburyport. Our first stop was at Maudslay State Park, to the east of the city.

We hiked some trails.

We walked along the Merrimack River. The park was on its east bank.

After driving into Newburyport to eat lunch, we drove on to Plum Island, just to the east and south of the city. We started at Newbury Beach.

It was surprisingly sandy, and not rocky like you expect a New England beach to be. We then drove south into the Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.

We parked the motor home and hiked some wetland trails.

Thoroughly worn out, we climbed back into the motor home and drove through more of the refuge.

Late that afternoon, we left Plum Island and the Newburyport area and headed north out of Massachusetts into New Hampshire.

Next Location – Hampton Beach, New Hampshire

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