American Locations 18 – Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Beach & Kennebunkport, Maine

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

We drove north along the coast on 1A. A beautiful drive. In Portsmouth it joined Hwy. 1 to cross the Piscataqua River into Maine. Just across the York River we cut back onto 1A so we could continue along the coast. We stopped at Perkins Cove.

We walked around the harbor.

Before leaving the area we had to choose a restaurant for some fresh seafood.

Then it was off to walk the Marginal Way. As you can see, it was a foggy day.

The Marginal Way is a 1.25 mile paved path along some of the most picturesque New England coast you will ever see.  

We saw several artists along the way with easels set up painting the scenery.

Although the scenic view is only on one side of the path.

Some of the resorts on the other side are striking.

It is an easy walk that is rewarding to the senses. As you can see, there are flowers all along the path.

Although there is scant sand, people are still determined to enjoy the undeveloped beach.

There is a small lighthouse along the way.

The Marginal Way ends at Shore Road. From there it is a short walk to Beach Street, where you turn right and walk across a bridge onto Ogunquit Beach. This is a nice sandy beach, but upon arrival you realize why some people opted for the rocks. Ogunquit Beach was crowded that day.

And cold. Very few ventured into deep water.

We walked back to the Marginal Way and walked back to our motor home parked at Perkins Cove. We drove north on Shore Road to Hwy. 1, and continued north out of Ogunquit. In Wells we turned onto 9 and drove into Kennebunkport. We parked along the Kennebunkport River.  

After we finished wandering around the waterfront we found some more good seafood before leaving.

Full once more, we drove on Ocean Ave. back to the ocean front, then turned north on Shore Rd. Not long after we pulled over to walk out onto a rocky promontory.

To where we had a good view of George Bush Sr.’s compound.

We saw a fishing boat off the shore, tailed by a pair of black speedboats. We were told that was ex-President Bush in the fishing boat. The two black speedboats were secret service. I don’t know why they were black. It’s not like that helped conceal them, or make them less noticeable. I guess it identified them as secret service. We never saw Bush catch anything.

Next Location – Portland, Maine

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