American Locations 20 – Acadia National Park, Maine

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

The next morning we hopped on I-295 and headed north. It led to I-95, which led to Bangor. From there we got back on Hwy. 1A and headed southeast. At Ellsworth we turned onto 3, and drove south onto Mt. Desert Island. We followed 3 to Bar Harbor Campground, where we had reserved a site. Once we were settled in my wife’s daughter and her 2 sons joined us. They had reserved a nearby cabin.

One of the great things about Acadia National Park is its tram system. The park is huge, 47,000 acres, yet the trams will take you anywhere in the park. For free. There are 10 different routes. All routes run to a central location in Bar Harbor, and from there you can switch trams to any section of the park you wish to see. And there was a tram stop right outside Bar Harbor Campground. So once our motor home was set up we never had to drive it anywhere. We could ignore the traffic, sit back and relax, and enjoy the passing scenery. Since I’m the one always driving the motor home, this was a treat for me.

Our first destination was to the top of Cadilac Mountain, the highest point in the park.

Which gave us a good view down into Bar Harbor.

And of the Porcupine Islands spread out in the harbor.

In the following photo notice the cruise ship. There was one docked here during our entire stay.

In the following picture you can see the natural land bridge out to one of the islands in the harbor. The island it connects to is accessible at low tide. You just have to be sure and get back to the mainland in time or you’ll get your shoes, or more, wet.

There are great views from up there in different directions back over the park, also.

Of course, we had to engage in some rock climbing while up there.

Next we went back into Bar Harbor to walk around. Tram central is in a small park in the middle of town, several blocks up from the waterfront, which was where we headed on foot.

I like the ghost moose on top of the building in the next photo.

There was a waterfront park.

With a gazebo.

And a fountain.

This ship in the harbor looked interesting.

There were a lot of interesting ships.

But we needed to do some hiking. So my wife caught a tram back to the campground, while I & her daughter & her 2 sons caught a different tram that took us to the Beehive Mountain trailhead. It was a gentle hike starting out.

But we gained elevation quickly.

The trail soon became more fun.

The views kept getting better and better.

We stopped for rests.

The trail was crowded, so frequently we had to stop and wait for traffic to clear. Which wasn’t a problem, as it gave us opportunities to look around.

I like this mansion I could see off in the distance.

It’s always good to finally reach the top. 2 smiling, 1 gasping for air.

A chance to look around.

A better shot of the mansion.

A lighthouse on one of the rocks in the harbor.

Worn out, we caught the tram back into town, then switched to the tram that would take us back to the campground. A good start to the week.

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