American Locations 22 – Acadia National Park 3

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

My wife’s son and his family joined us in our campground at Acadia National Park. They pitched tents several sites away. The first thing we did was head for the top of Cadillac Mountain to catch the sunrise. Unfortunately, the trams don’t run that time of morning, so we drove up in two cars. We weren’t alone.

It was a good sunrise.

After, we were ready to head back to the camp for breakfast.

Later that morning we hiked the Precipice Trail. This is looking up from the parking lot at what we would be climbing.

Unlike the Beehive Trail, this one started out hard.

And got harder.

Like Beehive, this trail offered great vistas.

Although it seemed like we had climbed for hours.

We still had a ways to go.

In some places there were railings.

In some places there were bridges.

In some places there was hardly a trail, you just had to scramble up over rocks.

We were getting close to the top.

What a view we had on the way up. The road at the bottom left was our starting point.

Almost there.

Just before reaching the top, there were several sets of steel rungs fastened into the rock face we had to scale.

More good views near the top.

I zoomed in on a cruise ship.

We crashed after reaching the top.

We wandered around a while on top.

We had a good view looking down on Bar Harbor.

Then it was time to start back down.

And down.

And down.

I was lagging behind by this point. Getting tired.

I caught up with them by the time we reached the trees.

We crashed at our camp site for several hours, then were recharged and ready to take off on the trams once again. Our first destination was Sand Beach. Note how many are on the beach and how many are actually in the water. The water was frigid.

I could play on beaches a lot of places, but there aren’t many places with rocks like these to climb around on. A lot of people agreed with me.

Some were just for looking at. Too dangerous to climb on.

Next it was back to Thunder Hole, to see if any thundering was going on.

Nope, not today, either.

Still, there were the rocks.

And poses to strike.

That evening we went to Bar Harbor for dinner. Here is the park where all the trams converged.

We walked down to the waterfront and saw some more interesting ships.

See the whale watch ship? We tried to book a cruise on it, but were told a storm was moving in and the water would be too rough for any more excursions during the time we would be here.

There is a path along the waterfront.

Note the trail marker on the rock. Must have been put there at low tide. Water is way too cold to swim out there to place it.

It was an easy stroll, compared to what we had hiked that morning.

After, we walked back into town and found a restaurant with some more good seafood. Then it was back to the campground, exhausted once again.

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