American Locations 23 – Acadia National Park 4

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

After my wife’s kids and their families left, we stayed several more days. The first place we hopped off the tram at was the Natural Garden at the Nature Center.

Then it was off on another hike. Bubble Rock. As you can tell, it was foggy.

After hiking to the top of Bubble Rock, my wife had had enough. She went back down and caught a tram to the campground, while I hiked on to Eagle Lake.

The lake had a bit of a sandy beach.

I hiked down to the lake.

I saw some kayakers.

I hiked around the lake.

And through the trees.

Up onto a carriage road.

These were originally private roads actually used by horse-drawn carriages. Back before this was a national park it was the private estate of John D. Rockefeller. He donated thousands of acres to help found the park. Now the gravel roads are used by hikers and cyclists.

It passes under the motor roads, accessing parts of the park you can reach no way else.

I got totally lost on these roads. I ended up at this mossy pond.

Lucky for me, it was next to a road, and a short walk down this road led me to a tram stop. I had a long winding relaxing ride back to the campground.

Next Location – Schoodic Peninsula

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