American Locations 29 – Campobello Island

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

You can see the town of Lubec, across the bay from our campground just north of Eastport, with the naked eye (after the fog has lifted).

But to get there it is a 38 mile drive all the way around the bay. We drove north off Moose Island on 190 onto Carlow Island, then on north into Pleasant Point, on the southern tip of a peninsula. Coming off the peninsula, we turned south on Hwy. 1. We made this drive at low tide, and saw some impressive mud flats.

Hwy. 1 turned west around the northern reaches of Sipp Bay, then turned south around the headwaters of Denny’s River. We continued south along Whiting Bay all the way to the town of Whiting, where we turned east onto 189. This we took onto Lubec Neck, and on into the town of Lubec.

Lubec is situated on the tip of the Neck across from Campobello Island, which is part of Canada. We crossed the short International Bridge.

We showed our passports to a Canadian border guard, who asked only a single question – what was our business in Canada? We told him tourism, and he sent us on with a ‘have a nice day’. Getting back into the country was a different matter. The American border official asked a bunch of questions and searched our motor home.

We drove straight to Herring Cove Provincial Park and secured a camp site.

This was a beautiful park. Much of it could be accessed by unpaved roads which were in mint condition, wide and smooth.

One place we drove to was the waterfront on Herring Cove.

This beach faced the Atlantic Ocean and not the Bay of Fundy, so it was not subject to the enormous tides.

But much of the park could only be reached by hiking.

The forest was beautiful.

And the trails were well-maintained.

Many entrancing remote sights.

I hiked at every opportunity while there.

But there were other things to see on the island besides this park.

Next Location – Campobello Island 2

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