American Locations 30 – Campobello Island 2

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

The first thing we did after getting settled into our camp site was go see the whales. We had heard they were passing the north-eastern end of the island, so we drove to the very tip.

There is a little island at the very tip, to which you can walk at low tide. See the stairs? They mostly disappear at high tide.

At low tide you can cross over to the isle on dry rock.

The view from down there.

There is a lighthouse on the isle.

And a lot of birds.

There were plenty of boats out in the bay between US and Canada. Such as this fishing boat and tour boat.

There were also several kayaks in the middle of the bay. With a heavy fog bank rolling in. It became a race. The kayakers were trying to stay ahead of the fog, which was threatening to engulf them. They would have been totally lost, with several large boats moving around in the water unable to see them. That would have been scary. But they made it back to land before the fog had them.

We saw several dozen right whales. They surfaced so fast and unpredictably I couldn’t get any photos of them. We were lucky a whale scientist was there to view them, also. She pointed out the best places to look for them to surface. It seems birds follow them around, so when you spied a flock hovering just above the water there was a good chance of a whale coming up there.

We went there several times, so we got to see the tide coming in, too. The tide rushes in like waves and the land bridge to the isle the lighthouse is on is completely submerged.

The flow between the lighthouse isle and the bigger island was very turbulent.

As you can see by the water line on the rocks, this is still nowhere near high tide.

Of course, I had to pose at such a picturesque locale.

We made 2 trips to this end of the island while we were camping there. It was a beautiful place, and we saw plenty of whales.

Next Location – Campobello Island 3

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