American Locations 36 – Vermont & the Adirondacks

This trip goes from Cincinnati, Ohio, to the Boston area, then up the New England coast all the way into Canada, then back through the Adirondacks to the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York.

It was a 3-hour drive from Stowe, Massachusetts, to Stow, Vermont. We took I-495 out of the Boston area northeast to Lowell, then exited onto Hwy. 3 and continued north. In New Hampshire we took I-293 around Manchester, then continued north on I-93. In Concord, we got on I-89 and headed west. We crossed into Vermont, and continued north to Waterbury, where we exited the interstate onto 100. We continued north into Stow. Once away from the congestion of the Boston area, it was a beautiful drive through the mountains and forests of New Hampshire and Vermont.

The reason for coming to Stow was to visit the Von Trapp Family Lodge. I hope everyone has seen ‘The Sound of Music’ and knows who the Von Trapps were. After escaping the Nazis over the Alps into Switzerland, they made their way to the U.S. and settled in Stow, Vermont. They claimed the mountains there reminded them of their home in Austria.

Besides the lodge, they also maintain a coffee house and bakery.

And also maintain a working ranch.

There are trails to hike in the surrounding countryside.

There is also ski resorts in and all around Stow.

Since we were so close (9 miles), we stopped to tour where Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is made.

Like in most places, I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside. But we did get to taste several flavors at the end of the tour. After, we wandered through the Ben & Jerry cemetery (where retired flavors are memorialized).

Leaving Stow, we continued west on I-89 into Burlington, where we exited onto Hwy. 2, which took us north along the eastern shore of Lake Champlain. Nearing the Canadian border, we crossed Lake Champlain into New York at Rouses Point.

Here we stopped to stretch our legs. We walked out onto the bridge over Lake Champlain a little ways.

And around the park on the New York side. Where we found an ornate lighthouse.

We wandered all through the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. I’m not sure of our route, but we generally headed south and west. The open countryside was beautiful.

There were private cabins throughout the area. This looked like a good place to fish.


We stopped to eat lunch at a lakeside restaurant. It was a relaxing day spent driving through great scenery.

Next Location – Finger Lakes Region, New York

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