American Location 5 – Tishomingo State Park, Mississippi

This trip is from the northern terminus of Natchez Trace National Road and off it at the southern terminus into Mississippi and Louisiana.

We set up in the pines by the lake.

It was a nice view as dusk set in.

We stayed for 2 nights. The next day we hiked a long trail. We found this suspension bridge.

It crossed the Tishomingo River.

The trail took us by this old log house.

We took a look inside.

The trail continued to a spillway.

And around a pond that was dammed up.

The trail led to a spring.

And past some interesting rock formations.

Up to a small waterfall.

We made a new friend along the way.

At the end we crossed back over the river and back to our site.

After this nice break in driving, we were ready to set off again south down the Natchez Trace.

Next Location – Natchez Trace Parkway north-central segment 2

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