American Locations 10 – Natchez, Mississippi

This trip is from the northern terminus of Natchez Trace National Road and off it at the southern terminus into Mississippi and Louisiana.

We wanted to drive off the very southern end of the Natchez Trace, so we went 10 miles or so beyond Natchez State Park and had to double back on Hwy. 61 to 553, then go a short way south into the state park campground.

After resting a bit, we drove around to see the park. We found a large lake.

We stayed 3 nights and saw a good bit of Natchez. There was the bridge across the Mississippi River.

And a river access ramp.

After a good view of the Mississippi River, we drove to the visitor center. Where we learned we could have camped for free (with full hook-ups!), but we were already committed. We left the motor home parked there and walked around. Several blocks from the visitor center was the Rosalie Mansion and Gardens, which we toured.

As I’m sure you can guess, I wasn’t allowed to take photos inside. Here is a view of the Mississippi River from  the mansion’s spacious back yard.

Another with the bridge. Note the 2 paddlewheeler steamboats docked. I don’t know if they were casinos or just excursion boats.

And yet more barges. The Mississippi is really wide here, allowing a lot of traffic.

More exterior shots. There is an enclosed walkway between the main building and the kitchen. Because of fire hazards kitchens were never directly connected to the main house.

After our tour, we drove down to the riverfront. The Mississippi looks even wider when standing right on the bank.

There were some interesting old buildings preserved and repurposed into bars and restaurants.

And a casino. This is a new structure designed to look like an old building that might have been found on the riverfront a century ago.

Another view of the bridge spanning the Mississippi River.

And another barge. We saw a lot of these.

After a full day of touring we returned to Natchez State Park to crash at our site.

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