American Locations 11 – Natchez, Mississippi 2

This trip is from the northern terminus of Natchez Trace National Road and off it at the southern terminus into Mississippi and Louisiana.

We drove across the Mississippi bridge for a short excursion into Louisiana. As usual, there was a lot of barge traffic.

We saw the bluffs we’d heard so much about, which of course were best viewed from the Louisiana side.

We drover a short distance downriver to the Frogmore Plantation.

Driving back across the river into Natchez, we parked our motor home at their riverfront park and walked around. There was a picturesque gazebo.

A lengthy walkway. Note the locks. That tradition has caught on everywhere there is a bridge.

The park was situated atop the bluffs, giving a good view of the river below.

We then got back in our motor home and drove around to see some of the other historic buildings.

Such as this church. The many spires are striking.

And several old mansions.

And our first Spanish moss-draped tree.

After another full day, it was back to our camp site in Natchez State Park to relax.

Next Location – Windsor Ruins

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