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Want to read the next ‘Stranger Things’? A kinder, gentler ‘Stranger Things’ written for a younger audience?

Dear reader of scary books

Ever read a book that just didn’t have enough oomph? That had blah settings and bland characters? On the other hand, ever read a book that was too lurid and graphic for young readers? It’s a balancing act. An MG paranormal adventure novel needs to be exciting and engrossing without being brutal and offensive.

Shadytown does this. Like Hawkins, Indiana, Shadytown is an ordinary place where extraordinary things happen. A large unmarked collection box appears out of nowhere at the same time neighborhood pets begin to go missing. In a timeless bog the ghost of a sixth-grade boy’s grandmother gives him an enchanted Celtic Cross and a pet rattlesnake to battle an evil she warns is coming. A witch in a fantastic pumpkin patch unleashes havoc on the small town. A huge Native American emerges from a historic blizzard to attack a family. Roadside crosses appear at sites where a wreck hasn’t occurred – yet. And then there is the Spirit Tree.

Shadytown will be released in January 2020 by INtense Publications in both digital and print. If you are a young reader interested in the paranormal, I believe you will enjoy this novel. If you are the parent of a young reader, rest assured this novel has been written with the age of your child in mind.

Here is a link to INtense Publications web site where the book can be purchased in January: