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Want to read the next ‘Stranger Things’? A kinder, gentler ‘Stranger Things’ written for a younger audience?

Dear reader of scary books

Ever read a book that just didn’t have enough oomph? That had blah settings and bland characters? On the other hand, ever read a book that was too lurid and graphic for young readers? It’s a balancing act. An MG paranormal adventure novel needs to be exciting and engrossing without being brutal and offensive.

Shadytown does this. Like Hawkins, Indiana, Shadytown is an ordinary place where extraordinary things happen. A large unmarked collection box appears out of nowhere at the same time neighborhood pets begin to go missing. In a timeless bog the ghost of a sixth-grade boy’s grandmother gives him an enchanted Celtic Cross and a pet rattlesnake to battle an evil she warns is coming. A witch in a fantastic pumpkin patch unleashes havoc on the small town. A huge Native American emerges from a historic blizzard to attack a family. Roadside crosses appear at sites where a wreck hasn’t occurred – yet. And then there is the Spirit Tree.

Shadytown will be released in January 2020 by INtense Publications in both digital and print. If you are a young reader interested in the paranormal, I believe you will enjoy this novel. If you are the parent of a young reader, rest assured this novel has been written with the age of your child in mind.

Here is a link to INtense Publications web site where the book can be purchased in January:


Confession: the cover is cringey and almost kept me from reading the book. But, I gave it a shot and oh my wow. Such an entertaining, engaging, and imaginative world! I’m beyond pleasantly surprised! – Victoria Tomis

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5.0 out of 5 stars
Haunted Tree Service Needed!!!
Reviewed in the United States on February 9, 2020
Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase
Just when Sean thought being a teenager was enough to contend with, he has to deal with a pet eating donation box, a dad stealing witch, a possessed tree and strangely enough the ghost of his grandmother. Good thing for him he has a magic snake, an enchanted Celtic cross necklace and a group of friends that’s tough to beat, including one that turns into a cat and knows her way around the realms of magic.

Shadytown combines the magic of youth with the lurid imagination of H.P. Lovecraft in a compelling read. The pace is excellent and the characters are intriguing. The story (and threat) develop organically over the course of the story and you can never tell with each new supernatural encounter whether its a friend or enemy. We’re not even really sure if the grandmother is on his side. Is the snake on his side, or just a spy to keep tabs on him. Wonderfully surprising.

The character of Maeve was especially interesting as we never really knew what her game was. First she directs Sean to the pumpkin patch and the next thing we know, she’s helping him get uncursed. The fact that she can turn into a black cat doesn’t hurt.

I love the fact that Sherer incorporates a number of religious and spiritual beliefs into the solution and the problem from Christianity to shamanism to a little bit of Wicca. Very well rounded. It made for a greater degree of texture than I expected. A truly great read.


This book narrates the story of woman who has to protect her son Kody (who has been possesed by the way) from a bunch of demons.

Horror, fantasy, suspense… a great mixture.

One of the main strenghts of this book is the main character, Vivian, a strong woman who will do anything to save her child. The author was been able to show us her struggle, inner thoughts, and humanity. It was like being there with her.

The plot caught me off guard more than once, when I though I already knew where the story was going there was a plot twist that changed the scenario. The premise is kinda familiar, yes, but Mike Sherer manages to make this story unique and really entertaining.

The gory descriptions make the story look more realistic, a nice touch.

I.M. Redwright