Elementary student with the aid of five friends and his deceased Grandmother and his pet rattlesnake battles hoard of evil spirits that invade his sleepy suburban town.  


In my new MG paranormal adventure novel, Sean is an elementary-school student who encounters evil spirits that wreak havoc on his hometown. He enlists the aid of fellow students Aaron, Tammy, Maeve, and twins Sam and the Sham. Sean is contacted by his deceased Grandmother who presents him with an ancient Celtic cross, which turns out to be a key that unlocks doors to other worlds. She also gives him a rattlesnake to help in the battle. As more and more evil spirits appear in Shadytown, Sean learns of their plans to destroy not only his generation but his entire town. It’s a battle to the finish between Sean and his friends against the relentless forces of evil.


In Part One – The Large Yellow Box, Sean is in the spring of his fifth-grade school year when an unmarked yellow collection box appears on a street corner in his neighborhood. At the same time a number of pets go missing. Enlisting the aid of his reckless classmate Aaron and his athletic classmate Tammy, he confronts the mystery.


In Part Two – Cedar Bog, the summer between 5th and 6th grades, Sean’s family goes camping, where he encounters the trickster twins Sam and the Sham, and also meets his grandmother’s ghost, who gives him two powerful weapons for the coming fight – an ancient Celtic cross and a pet rattlesnake.


In Part Three – The Pumpkin Patch, the fall of 6th grade, new witchy sixth-grade classmate Maeve directs Sean and his father to an incredible pumpkin patch, where witch Seraphina bedevils Sean with powerful magic and charms. Maeve reveals her purpose, and her shape-shifting powers, through use of a graphic novel.


In Part Four – The Great Blizzard, the winter of 6th grade, during a historic blizzard a stranded Native American, Tenskwatawa, shows up on their porch in the middle of the night. The family shelters him, and a battle of wits begins between the Shawnee prophet and Sean for the souls of his parents and sister. Sean wins out with the aid of his Grandmother’s ghost and his pet rattlesnake Pliss.


In Part Five – The Roadside Crosses, the spring of 6th grade, small wooden roadside crosses begin appearing around Shadytown. But not at sites of fatal car accidents, rather at sites where fatal accidents will occur. Are they predicting them? Causing them? Sean and his friends – Aaron, Tammy, Sam and the Sham, and Maeve – must find a way to stop them before their entire school is destroyed.


In Part Six – Dem Dry Bones, the summer between 6th and 7th grades, Maeve helps rid Sean of a curse placed upon him and his family by Tenskwatawa, while Aaron rescues Sean’s sister, and all friends rally to his side when Seraphina returns.


In Part Seven – The Spirit Tree, the fall of seventh grade, Sean learns what he is up against when Seraphina brings him to a huge tree behind his house in which a powerful evil spirit resides. It is this spirit that is attracting all the other evil spirits and demons to Shadytown. In his first encounter he is nearly destroyed by the Spirit Tree, but is rescued by his band of warriors – Aaron, Tammy, Sam and the Sham, and Maeve.


In Part Eight – The Battle of Shadytown, Sean and his friends battle the four evil spirits that have answered the summons and arrived to destroy Shadytown – Seraphina, Tenskwatawa, and the demons of the large yellow box and of the roadside crosses. While Sean must face the Spirit Tree, the most powerful spirit of them all, on his own.